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VO Productivity Pack 3.2

VO Productivity Pack 3.2

VO Productivity Pack Publisher's Description

VO Export Explorer (VOEE) looks and feels like VO's own repository explorer and provides you with the ability to examine the contents of AEF/MEF files without loading them into VO. You can search, view source code, print, export MEFs from AEFs, and examine application/module/entity properties. VOEE can compare export files and identify all entities that do not match. VOEE will tell you what the differences are; maybe the source code has changed or the compiler options have been altered - VOEE will tell you specifically what is different. When combined with a difference analysis plug-in you can even see exactly which source code lines have been changed. VOEE can be run stand-alone or can attach to the VO IDE to give you the ability to compare applications and modules in the repository with AEFs/MEFs. VO System Builder gives you a way to manage collections of VO applications. You can group together applications, libraries and DLLs into systems, and then perform actions on the systems. You can touch all components of a system, recompile them, and generate all executables and DLLS with just a few mouse clicks from VO's IDE. VO AutoExport will automatically export your source code from the VO repository. You can configure when VO AutoExport should do its work - when VO starts up or shuts down, or at a user defined interval. So if you need a fall-back position when you've forgotten to explicitly export your code, or if something causes a problem with your repository, VO AutoExport may give you a second chance. VO Global Search and Replace integrates with the CA-VO IDE. Like VO's in-built search facility VO-GSR allows the developer to search for text any where within the current application, search path or project. However VO-GSR also allows searching within the result set from the last search, optionally excluding system libraries, and optionally excluding user specified libraries. And VO-GSR lets developer replace text after a search - the current match only, all matches in the current entity, all matches in the current module, all matches in the current application, or all matches in the project. VO Import Assistant allows importing of one or more AEFs, from one or more directories. As it does so VO Import Assistant will examine the export files and, according to each application's dependencies, determine the order the files should be imported. Any imported application will replace an existing application of the same name in the repository retaining any current dependency properties. For example, imagine you use a third party library that is named the properties of many of your applications. When a new version of the library is issued you can use VO Import Assistant to import the replacement - if the library has the same name as the old one all applications will retain the reference to the library in their properties. VO Import Assistant allows optional compilation of the imported applications and all applications depending on the imported code. It also allows optional generation of executables and DLLs for the imported applications and all applications depending on the imported code. VO Export Assistant will export an application and all libraries used by the application. Updated Entity List provide a report showing the most recently changed entities in an application or project. Entities are listed with the most recently changed ones at the top of the report. Reset Application Debug Status changes the debug setting of all modules/entities of an application to Auto and sets the application debug setting Off. Editor Print prints the contents of your currently active VO source code editor window. The output can be configured in various ways: page orientation, font size, number of columns, line numbers, captions and more. VO Project Copy will copy the currently select project in VO to a new directory. If you want, you can have the code in the new project automatically compiled and any EXEs/DLLs generated. Application as PRG/MEF gives you the choice of exporting an application as a collection of PRG or MEF files. If you choose to export as PRG files, one file will written for each module in the application. The PRG files contain all source code from the modules, including resource statements and DLL prototypes. If you choose to export as MEF files each module will be exported automatically. Application Usage is a report showing all the apps/libraries/DLLs that contain a reference to the current application in their properties VOPP Calculator is a multi-display extensible programmer's calculator. VOPP Plus! provides easy configuration of VO and VOPP settings. VOPP Tray Icon gives you quick access to VOPP status and utilities. Language Assistant is a utility to simplify the creation of multilingual applications. Application Statistics shows an analysis of the lines of code, comments and entities in an application or project. DBF Utility allows you to easily interrogate DBFs for structural information, including index details. The information can then transferred directly into the source code editor, or used to automatically generate source code. Single App Build will compile and generate the current application using advanced build options. Export File to PRG converts the source code contents of an export file into a single PRG file. And more...

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